Here at Nyth Robin we’re small on number but big on space. We’re just over 7 acres, which includes woodlands, lakes and streams, so there’s plenty of space to unwind. Kids enjoy exploring the ancient woodland and our short walking trails are loved by people and dogs alike!

We’ve excellent shower and toilet facilities for all accommodation, and we pride ourselves on the green nature of our facilities – the water is primarily heated by the sun and our toilets are compost ones (not that you’d know as they look and work just like standard toilets!)

Nyth Robin is the nearest campsite to Aberdyfi, just 3 miles way. Aberdyfi has a laid back, holiday atmosphere and once you visit, it’s easy to see why people return to Aberdyfi for their holiday each year. And there’s plenty to do nearby, from beaches and fabulous walking, to zip lines and mountain biking.

Nyth Robin is owned and run by Sadie & Grant, not forgetting Rustin the campsite hound. We’ve been lucky and happy to be able call Aberdyfi home since 2016 and love the variety of scenery and activities this corner of West Wales offers.

Nyth what? Nyth Robin is Welsh for robin’s nest, and so called due to the abundance of robins on site. Their distinctive ‘tk-tk-tk’ call is often heard and it’s impossible to do any work around the site without one of these curious and cheeky birds checking out what’s happening!

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